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Hello there! I’m Autumn, the owner of Sweet Peas.


I have always loved babies; I sometimes say birth, postpartum, and newborn care are my native languages! As the oldest of six, caring for babies naturally came to me from a very young age. After raising three children of my own and years working as a nanny and then as a newborn care specialist, I realized that providing better care for parents is the most effective way to ensure babies are off to a great start. By combining birth and postpartum doula services with my education in newborn care, lactation counseling, perinatal mental health, and relationship foundations, I offer a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting new families, not only through their pregnancies and births…but through what comes after! 

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You really helped us find the routine we were looking for. What seems so simple and intuitive to some just wasn’t for us. You helped us so much!

Having you on our team made the
crazy “new parents” time magically survivable!


You have been instrumental in our journey as new parents!


Virtual Support

Customizable Postpartum/Newborn Care Specialist Package

Birth Doula+ Postpartum Signature Service




How to Work
With Autumn:

Step 1:

Pick the service you're most interested in and fill out our contact form 

 Step 2:

We’ll schedule a time to chat in person or by phone. I'll answer any questions you might have, and we'll find out if we're a good fit for one another!

Step 3: Book your service!


You'll have a more supported birth and easier postpartum recovery, you'll better understand your baby, and you'll experience more enjoyment during this special time in your life!

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At Sweet Peas, we use our extensive knowledge and training to uplift and guide you through the remainder of your pregnancy, during your birth, throughout your postpartum recovery, and into the earliest days of life with your newborn. It's a continuity of care offered nowhere else!

                                             Let’s get started.

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